In light of the preceding conclusions, and taking into account the background information and the events that took place after its visit, the Commission recommends to the government of Haiti:


          1.          That it bring its domestic legislation into line with the provisions of the American Convention on Human Rights to which Haiti is a Party. To this end,


         a.        It repeal Article 236(bis) of the 1948 Penal Code which seriously hampers exercise of the right of association;


         b.        It repeal the law authorizing loss of citizenship, except for cases called for under international law;


         c.        it repeal the Press Law of September 28, 1979, which seriously hampers exercise of freedom of information.


          2.          That it investigate and punish those responsible for the numerous violations of the right to life and physical security.


          3.          That it eliminate the numerous restrictions imposed in the practice on freedom of expression and dissemination of ideas.


          4.          That it permit, without restriction or conditions, entry into the country of Haitian nationals who are living abroad as a result of expulsions decreed by the government, or for any other reason, and who wish to return to their country.


          5.          That it make the amendments needed to the Constitution so that the actual exercise of the political rights upheld in Article 23 of the American Convention can be guaranteed.


          6.          That it take the measures needed to improve prison conditions.


          7.          That it take such measures as may be necessary, using all resources available, to improve the social and economic conditions of the country, in order to lessen the inequalities which are an obstacle to observation of human rights. Cooperation will be needed from international agencies, particularly from the Organization of American States, if this is to be achieved.


          The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights makes a special appeal to international organizations to give Haiti the aid it urgently needs to improve living conditions among the population, and to exploit its resources, so that the country can establish respect for an full enjoyment of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.


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