11.       Cases being processed through friendly settlement proceedings.

12.       Total number of friendly settlement reports published.

            The preceding chart shows the number of cases in which under the auspices of the Commission the petitioners and the State have reached a friendly settlement agreement.

             13.       Total number of cases archived by year.

The preceding graph presents data corresponding to the total number of cases closed by the IACHR in the past nine years, when it was decided that grounds did not exist for the petition.

14.       Total number of hearings held by year.

During its regular sessions, the Inter-American Commission held hearings on individual cases in order to receive information, evidence, and/or arguments regarding admissibility, merits, and fulfillment of obligations or in order to contribute to the friendly settlement of a case.  The IACHR also held hearings in order to receive information on the general or specific human rights situation in member states.

15.       Cases submitted to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

After a ruling on the merits of a case has been given pursuant to Article 50 of the American Convention, either the IACHR or the state(s) involved may submit a case to the contentious jurisdiction of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.