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Washington, D.C., April 14, 2008 — The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) today publishes a report on its visit to the Republic of Haiti, with took place April 16-20, 2007, by invitation of the Government. The report contains the observations from a delegation of the IACHR that was led by Sir Clare K. Roberts, Commissioner and Rapporteur for Haiti, and comprised of staff members of the Executive Secretariat.


The report recognizes the efforts undertaken by the current Government of Haiti in several areas, such as public security and administration of justice. Among the encouraging achievements, the report mentions a reduction in violent crime registered since the beginning of 2007 as a consequence of efforts made by the Haitian National Police and MINUSTAH forces, and the courts. It also acknowledges the measures implemented by the Government to address longstanding issues in the administration of justice, such as prolonged pretrial detention in Haiti’s prison facilities.


“The Commission is encouraged by the state’s demonstrated efforts, adopted since early 2007, to exert control over once gang-ridden areas of Port-au-Prince, to ensure greater public security for Haitians and to apprehend, prosecute and punish suspected criminals. Nevertheless, the Commission considers that in order to ensure a climate of lasting peace and long-term stability and growth in the country, immediate and long-term measures must be taken by the government of Haiti, with the critical support of the international community,” the report says.


The report analyses the situation of the administration of justice, public security and the situation of women and children. The Commission recommends Haiti to adopt measures to improve public security and to promote the professional development of the Haitian National Police. It also recommends to develop and implement a national, comprehensive judicial reform program and to take urgent measures to improve the living conditions of persons deprived of liberty, among other recommendations.


The Commission expresses its appreciation to the Government and people of Haiti for the cooperation, facilities and hospitality provided in the course of the Commission’s visit, to the OAS country office in Haiti for its crucial assistance in organizing and executing the visit, and to the nongovernmental organizations, civil society institutions, and international organizations concerned for their valuable participation in the Commission’s activities.


The full report is available in the website of the IACHR, in English, French and Spanish.


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