No. 3/92


The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has learned with deep concern of the disruption of democratic institutions in Peru.  The Commission has frequently stated that democracy, a result of the exercise of political rights and manifestation of the sovereignty of the people, is the best guarantee for the observance of human rights.  The Commission made this clear to the Peruvian authorities during its visit to Peru last October.  The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights reiterates today that affirmation with the greatest resolve.


The Inter-American Commission observes that, in addition to the dissolution of Parliament, the Government has interfered with the Judiciary and suspended the articles of the national constitution which are not compatible with its objectives.  In view of this situation, the Inter-American Commission non Human Rights must remind the Peruvian government that, as a signatory to the American Convention on Human Rights, it has an international duty to conform its conduct to the rules of this treaty, to respect the rights recognized therein, and to provide the inhabitants of the country with the legal remedies necessary to guarantee the exercise of such rights.  The Commission must also point out that, under the Convention, political rights cannot be suspended.


The Inter-American Commission will continue to observe the development of the situation in Peru and hopes that the Government will heed the call of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States and proceed immediately to reestablish full effectiveness of democratic institutions and strict observance of human rights.


The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has approached the Government of Peru to clarify the situation of some persons who are under house arrest and to report on the whereabouts of others, detained by the Security Forces whose fate, so far, is unknown, and, hence, are deemed disappeared.  The Commission has also sent a cable requesting information on the worrisome news of incidents at the "Miguel Castro Castro" prison.  The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights wishes to state that it expects a prompt and full reestablishment of human rights, the exercise of which ash been suspended by the Peruvian authorities, and reiterates the need for the Government to authorize it to make an early follow-up visit to that country.


Washington, D.C., April 8, 1992


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